torsdag 30 september 2010

Hallonröd basker

I bought a new beret today. And ever since I've been humming on the song "Raspberry beret" by Prince.

Raaaaspberry beret. The kind you find in a second hand store.
Raaaaaspberry beret. I think I lööööööööööööv her.

But tomorrow I leave for Turkey and I'm not taking it with me! 

3 kommentarer:

Chrissy sa...

Cute beret - and now I'm stuck with that song! :)
Have fun in Turkey! My sister-in-law just got back from a vacation there and she loved it! So, enjoy and travel safe!

Gun sa...

Snyggt! Passar dig verkligen. Jag ska snart plocka fram min svarta, det börjar bli kallt nu.

Anonym sa...

Allt klär en vacker kvinna!!Kram moster Carina


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